When I met Dirk, I was plodding through workouts and through life. Yet, Dirk saw something different. He saw all that I could become both physically and emotionally. Through one on one sessions, he helped me identify and unblock the “life issues” that were holding me back. Through group fitness, he helped me transform my physique. Today, I am physically and emotionally strong, and living with passion.

I have never had a trainer believe in me or stand behind me the way Dirk has.

I know that he will say that the success was mine, that he was just my “coach.” Yet he pushed me to claim the future as my own. He knew exactly what to do to awaken my mind, body and spirit. Dirk has the same compas- sion and energy for everyone he meets. His clients are blessed to have him in their lives.

John Thew

Director of Aspen Film Festival, client 8 years

It is through Dirk’s carefully designed and purposeful workouts that we are able to achieve our highest levels of fitness. We love to play hard outside and whether it is kitesurfing, mountain biking, road cycling, skiing or hiking Dirk’s training enables us to play harder, live well and avoid injury. Dirk’s extensive knowledge and careful focus of proper movement and biomechanics has taught us to train more effectively, target our weaknesses and improve our biomechanics through movement re-patterning. We have experienced the benefits of this first hand and believe it is a critical component that is often overlooked in most training regimens. We are so psyched and grateful to have the opportunity to train with Dirk and love his energy, enthusiasm and dedication to wellness.
Jessica and Bill Budinger

client 3 years

I have been working out with Dirk consistently for the past 10 years! I have trained with him on average 2-3 days a week with most sessions ranging between 1-2 hours per session. My training consists of cardio conditioning, strength and resistance training, and flexibility to improve and maintain my fitness. Dirk is an innovative, detail oriented & motivating trainer and life coach. He has trained me through two pregnancies and proved very knowledgeable and experienced with the exercises that were suitable and beneficial. His training through the post-partum recovery also helped me to recover quickly and get back to more rigorous workouts. Not only has Dirk been a crucial component to my physical fitness and well-being, but he has also played a key role in goal setting and nutrition. Over the past few years, I have been working on not only my strength and cardio training, but also linking and fine-tuning my nutrition to achieve more noticeable results. Dirk organized and facilitated two different sugar detox programs that proved incredibly successful for myself and others. He has been instrumental to the success I have achieved! I feel like my strength, cardio and nutrition are the best they have ever been and Dirk encourages and inspires me to continue to improve every day. Over the past 10 years, he has managed to create an ever-changing and challenging workout program for me. Our sessions have encompassed high intensity interval training, outdoor fitness, cycling, hiking, resistance training, & cardio interval training to name a few! Dirk is a remarkable trainer and his dedication to his profession is unmatched!
Juliette Ferrell

client 10 years

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