Intensity with Intention

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Dirk Schultz Coaching combines the world of defined vision and inspired action.

My focus is on positive, personal results. I design and implement programs that will help to unblock and overcome obstacles that will allow you to live your full potential in both your personal and professional life. My headquarters are based in Palm Springs, California and Denver, Colorado, with their natural beauty and world visionaries. I have tapped into the recipe that cultivates success!


When I met Dirk, I was plodding through workouts and through life. Yet, Dirk saw something different. He saw all that I could become both physically and emotionally. Through one on one sessions, he helped me identify and unblock the “life issues” that were holding me back. Through group fitness, he helped me transform my physique. Today, I am physically and emotionally strong, and living with passion.

I have never had a trainer believe in me or stand behind me the way Dirk has.

I know that he will say that the success was mine, that he was just my “coach.” Yet he pushed me to claim the future as my own. He knew exactly what to do to awaken my mind, body and spirit. Dirk has the same compas- sion and energy for everyone he meets. His clients are blessed to have him in their lives.

John, client 8 years

Intention in 2019: My Interview with Sentient Jet

Recently, I've had the privilege of being interviewed by Sentient Jet for their blog. You can check out the original article here.  1. How is setting a 2019 intention, versus the stereotypical January resolution, most impactful?  Resolutions are more about something...

Healthy Holiday Game Plan

Here we go again into the holidays with all their fun, folly, food and family. But what about the other “F” word? Fitness! Here is a game plan that will help you keep the pounds off, jump start your New Year’s resolution and survive the holidays in style... all while...

Foundations of Fitness: Posture

We're going to talk about the foundations of fitness. First thing I'd like to talk about is posture and the importance of proper posture. Technology has kind of made us lazy, right? We're on our phones. We're on our computers, kind of slouching, and we're getting out...

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