HIIT to help

My focus is on positive, personal results. I design and implement programs that will help to unblock and overcome obstacles that will allow you to live your full potential in both your personal and professional life.

HIIT to Help: Virtual HIIT Class

High-intensity interval training class for all fitness levels offered on a “donation” basis. Each month Dirk chooses a special cause to support. You can enjoy this virtual class right in your own home or studio. All you need is some space, exercise tubing, superbands (if you have them) and an attitude to have fun and get fit. If you have any limitations, please let the instructor know beforehand.

Suggested donation:  $10. 10% of all donations raised go to that month’s chosen organization.

How does this work?

Fill out the Informed Consent/Waiver form and email it to me:
Download the consent form

Contact me to Register for a class using the form here.

Donate on Venmo. Suggested donation: $10. All donations go to that month’s chosen organization.

For information about 1-on-1 personal training, please email me at dirk@dirkschultz.com or call 970-309-4378.

Dirk Schultz Hanging Out
It is through Dirk’s carefully designed and purposeful workouts that we are able to achieve our highest levels of fitness. We love to play hard outside and whether it is kitesurfing, mountain biking, road cycling, skiing or hiking Dirk’s training enables us to play harder, live well and avoid injury. Dirk’s extensive knowledge and careful focus of proper movement and biomechanics has taught us to train more effectively, target our weaknesses and improve our biomechanics through movement re-patterning. We have experienced the benefits of this first hand and believe it is a critical component that is often overlooked in most training regimens. We are so psyched and grateful to have the opportunity to train with Dirk and love his energy, enthusiasm and dedication to wellness.

Jessica and Bill Budinger / client 3 years