How are you talking to yourself?

I remember a while back I was going through the training to become a TRX fitness instructor, to train instructors how to teach clients to use the equipment.

I felt way out of place, because I myself did not have experience as a group fitness instructor. It wasn’t bad that I didn’t know the equipment or the format, why would I, I had never taught it before. What was bad was how I was talking to myself. I had these negative messages/conversations going on in my head, judging myself, trying to convince myself I didn’t deserve to be there with those skilled instructors. I was out of my league. I thought about pulling myself out of the training.

Then I caught myself, WOW!! Who was I talking to? I was talking to myself! I asked myself, would I talk to a friend, client, loved one the way I was talking to myself? NO!! I would show them more compassion, love and respect. Then why wasn’t I giving that to myself.

So I made a shift, changed my perspective. Of course I deserved to be there. I will learn everything I need to become a skilled instructor like those around me,

I started to watch how I was talking to myself, and realized I wasn’t very nice to myself at times. I started  reframing the message I was telling myself, becoming my own best friend, cheerleader, coach. I was checking in to make sure there was less judgement and negative self talk; and, I started making sure there was more love and compassion. It had a ripple effect into just about every area of my life. I felt better about myself, had more self confidence, improved  my mood and affected the relationships around me, especially the one with myself.

How are you talking to yourself? Would you talk to a friend, client or loved one the way you talk to you? Then why are you?  Reframe it, become your own best friend, cheerleader or coach.

Watch the difference it makes in your world.

Dirk Schultz