We’re going to talk about the foundations of fitness. First thing I’d like to talk about is posture and the importance of proper posture. Technology has kind of made us lazy, right? We’re on our phones. We’re on our computers, kind of slouching, and we’re getting out of alignment, out of good posture. We’re not strong or sexy!

When we’re in proper alignment, proper posture that means shoulder blades back and down. Ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles are in alignment . That is proper posture. Whenever we’re in proper posture, we’re able to handle about 40% greater compressive load, and  our muscles are firing more efficiently and we’re stronger. So we can make you instantly stronger by standing up straight. Your teachers and parents were right when they said, “Stand up straight.” We’re stronger here. We’re sexier here. So be strong and sexy!

Dirk Schultz