Recently, I’ve had the privilege of being interviewed by Sentient Jet for their blog. You can check out the original article here. 

1. How is setting a 2019 intention, versus the stereotypical January resolution, most impactful? 

Resolutions are more about something that needs to be fixed. Intentions are more fluid—a mindset, energy, or action steps to realize our resolutions. They evolve as we evolve. Intentions can be set for everything from planning a meeting, meal, or trip. They answer the question, “What is the outcome you’re after?” Intentions are also more forgiving if we get off track. Setting an intention is about “mindset.” We hear that word a lot; it’s a way of aligning ourselves and our subconscious with a shift we want or a way we want to be in our business or life. They can empower us to make the needed shift to continue moving toward our goals. Intentions help us make decisions in alignment to the change we want to see or how we want to be.

2. You work with your clients on “Mindset Mondays.” How does this help a busy CEO or entrepreneur set up a successful week? 

Mindset helps set the tone and create the energy or foundation for a more successful week, both in our business and personal lives. Mindset has a ripple effect into just about every area of our life. For example, if my intention is to connect with like-minded business owners or entrepreneurs, what do I need to put into place to make that happen? It goes back to mindset and how we want to be in our business and life. A mindset helps us gain clarity and be open to options that present themselves to us, and move us forward.

3. What book or mentor has had the most influence on your own mindset? 

Recently, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks, has helped me identify that we all have “upper limit problems”—behaviors, and patterns keeping us from reaching our full potential in business and in life. Additionally, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work has helped me with my own mindset.

4. What are your Top 3 Tips for maintaining fitness and nutrition while traveling? 

Prepare, prepare, and prepare! Have a game plan. Set the intention. A little preparation on the front end before you set off on your travels will go a long way. Research what is available at the resort, hotel, or location. For example, is there a gym, or fitness classes? What type of food does the restaurant serve and what options are available to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals? Many resorts and hotels offer classes, so check out something new and expand your horizons—you may surprise yourself and find a new fitness favorite to take home. Also, take some equipment with you. Superbands are easy to pack and you can do a wide range of full body routines with them. Your favorite body weight routine goes everywhere you do. Or, take your trainer with you. I work with many of my clients via Skype or Zoom while they are traveling or away from their home base for extended periods of time. Fitness doesn’t take a holiday. Some of my best workouts have happened while I was traveling. Hire a health coach who can be your guide on the side, helping you create a game plan and holding you accountable to meet your goals.

5. Many people are looking for a reboot or detox to kickstart the year. Is there one you recommend?

I like the Burn and Build Body 14-Day Detox. It contains high-quality ingredients, is easy to follow, and is a food-based program. Plus, the meal planning guidelines are set up so you can use it as a guide to continue eating well after the detox ends.

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Dirk Schultz