Have you ever wondered how certain things can easily come to you and then at times it seems as though nothing is showing up in your life? Did you know that there is a process to creating your life whether you are aware of it or not and it is called Alignment / Momentum.

We can make anything happen in our lives but when you do it with Alignment and then take action, your life will unfold in the most joyful and easy way possible. Alignment is the process of getting crystal clear about what you want. Lets look at a simple example of alignment…

You have a busy day ahead of you and you have to be in a meeting by 9am. Without alignment, you wake up and start to get ready for your day, you put on the news and the stories bring a sense of fear…you feel a bit off, and your day starts to flow with this momentum….The button pops off your shirt, your coffee spills and before you know it you are sitting in traffic running late for your meeting.

We have all been there and it makes for a stress filled day. Now lets look at what happens when we take the time to get clear and align with what you want and how you want to feel.

The night before you go to bed, you get crystal clear about how you want your day to unfold when you wake up, you set an intention to have a restful and peaceful nights sleep, you see your self waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and prepared for your day, you see yourself easily and effortlessly getting dressed and out the door in a timely manner and your drive to work flowing, now let the whole picture go and when you wake-up in the morning, spend a few minutes feeling grateful and then think about the intention you set the night before….connect to this flow of ease and joy and spend the rest of your morning getting ready and connecting to things that bring you into alignment with what you are wanting to happen. If music makes you feel good, then listen to music, the key is to be in alignment with the essence of what you want your day to be like, is it easy or chaotic, you get to create it based on the alignment you created. You are going to get to your destination, but how you get there is up to you!

Dirk Schultz