What does it mean to Live, Love and Thrive? When you are connected to your life purpose, you will discover a life of love and joy.
Many of us fill our time with activities that are not soul directed but with activities of the personality. We have been taught that self-worth comes from being busy. When we are listening to our personality guided activities we will often feel that we “should” do this or we feel
a sense of doubt. But when we get clear and are aligned with our true essence of our purpose, we will feel free, ease, and joy. To live a life on purpose is to Live, Love and Thrive! We all have our own journey to discover our true essence of who we are and what we are here to experience.
If you have created a job, a relationship or anything that is not bringing you happiness, look inward and ask yourself, What am I passionate about? What’s important to me? Your outer life experiences are a mirror of the choices you are making. It is up to each and every person to
figure out who they are, what inspires you. Your life can play out anyway you choose, but it is always you who is choosing!
Are you making choices that bring you joy, or are your choices bringing you something not wanted? Use your body as a barometer, it will always tell you the truth. Are you constricted and tense or are you open and peaceful? It’s up to you, Its your life!
Make a commitment to yourself! Discover your true essence! Live the life you were born to live!
Dirk Schultz