At 211 degrees, water is hot.

At 212 degrees, it boils.

And with boiling water, comes steam.

And steam can power a locomotive.

Raising the temperature of water by one extra degree means the difference between something that is simply very hot and something that generates enough force to power a machine— a beautiful, uncomplicated metaphor that ideally should feed our every endeavor, consistently pushing us to make the extra effort in every task we undertake. 212 degrees serves as a forceful drill sergeant with its motivating and focused message while adhering to a scientific law— a natural law. It reminds us that seemingly small things can make tremendous difference. From the book 212 degree the extra degree by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson.

I love this book and its message that the extra effort we take on a task, in an exercise routine, or moving closer to a dream can make all the difference and set us up for success.

There have been many times when I have been working on a project, a goal or dream when I was tired I wanted to give up. Then I would think about this book’s message and it would help me give just a little more, and it would be the difference I was needing to move me forward.

The next time you are facing the idea of giving up, or giving in, ask yourself “Am I at 211 degrees, or can I take it to 212 degrees to create the extra force to move myself forward?” I know you can give it just a little more.

Be the difference you’ve been looking for!

Dirk Schultz